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We are so proud of our singers! Over the past five years more than 25 talented vocalists have graced our stage. Here are some of them…

KISS Singers

Melissa Mojo started singing and performing for her parents’ dinner guests at age four. She loved to sing along with Mitch and produced her first musical at age eight, donating the $3 earned to a local children’s charity. A native New Yorker, Melissa graduated from Parsons School of Design and had a successful 25-year career as a marketing, corporate communications and public relations executive. She moved to Kauai in 2006 and began to explore new creative mediums to find her authentic voice: singing (KISS, Kauai Sings, Kauai Voices and Voiceweavers) and acting in local community theater productions. “KISS is a labor of love,” says Melissa. “I feel privileged and joyful to be a part of a special ‘ohana of talented, dedicated singers and exceptional musicians.”

Trishana Star’s first recollection of music was singing Jesus Loves Me in Sunday School when she was four years old.  As soon as she was old enough to sing in the choir, she signed up and has enjoyed choir singing ever since. She initially started singing duets with Melissa to support Melissa in her singing endeavors, and then the "ham" in her kicked in.  Singing in KISS is an amazing opportunity for growth and self discovery! She is very grateful for the safe space the audience provides for us.

Dhyana Dunville has been singing and dancing since she was 11 months old. Her father always had all the latest musical hits playing. She eventually became self-conscious and stopped singing in front of people and channeled her creativity into a 30-year career as a visual artist. A couple of years after moving to Kauai in 2007, she woke up one morning and realized that her heart and soul wanted to express through singing. “I'm so grateful that I faced my fears and took a leap of faith to get out and sing,” says Dhyana, who recently started her own band the Dhyana Quartet. “It's been the most fulfilling and heartfelt thing I've ever done!”

Mike Kobayashi’s first gig was at a Christmas party when he was five years old. The emcee announced a "special" present to anyone who would come up and sing. Mike raised his hand and was called on stage. He had a very dry, raspy, hoarse voice; his kindergarten teacher dubbed him “Mr. Chatterbox,” because he was always talking. He sang On The Good Ship Lollipop, starting way too high and pushing his pipes over their limits. The emcee, who was holding the mic, tried to keep a straight face, but started to tear up. But Mike didn't care; he wanted that present, so he pushed on to the bitter end and won the prize!

Diana Leone is a singer, guitarist, writer, editor, photographer, teacher and Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddler. Raised a Texas cowgirl, she soaked up blues, gospel and bluegrass during 13 years in Tennessee, before moving to Hawaii in 1999. She is grateful to: the Great Creator for the gift of a singing voice; her parents, Kay and Dale, and her grade-school music teacher for nurturing her natural interest in music.

Welcome to KISS!


Kauai Island Singers Showcase Inc. is a 501(c)3 membership organization.


Our mission is to give vocalists the chance to develop their repertoire and their skills

as singers and performers

by providing regular

performance opportunities with professional musicians.


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